Services ...we do stuff

Bring in your old vintage dirt bike or cafe racer project for all your restoration needs. Our advice is free and we charge cautiously for our workmanship – Call Peter for a free quote.


Just some of the things we can help with include:

  • Painting – We love to paint! From a single break calliper to a complete bike! We use quality 2-pac finishes.
  • Race paint, show paint, factory paint, custom paint!
  • Airbrushing.
  • Original and custom decals.
  • Sand blasting.
  • Powder coating.
  • Ceramic coating.
  • Specialist surface finishes.
  • Complete colour schemes and make overs.

Tank Restoration

We do a lot of tanks! Steel tanks, alluminium tanks, plastic tanks, rusty tanks, dented tankes, crashed tanks, race tanks, show tanks – If its got a hole in the top and hole in the bottom… We do it.

Rusty tanks…

Old bikes have rusty tanks. Some are just a little rusty and need a chemical flush; some are flaking rust and need a bondor or a liner. Every tank is unique and a different process and/or product is required each time to achieve the desired outcome.

The process…

Each project is individually customised, but there are five common steps that make up the process:

  • Devarnishing.
  • Deoxification.
  • Neutraliser.
  • Metal prep-ox.
  • Pressurised air-craft coating.

If you’ve got a rusty tank do not put nuts and bolts in it and shake it up and down. Yes, this chips away at the rusty scale but you can shake the shit out of it until your arms fall off and still get nowhere. We once strapped a tank (which was half filled with Honda nuts and bolts) to the axel of a semi-trailer that was going to Melbourne and back. Unfortunately all it did was dent the tank and the rust remained!!

Chemical deoxification

This is the only way to get rid of all the rust in your tank so it doesn’t end up in the jets of your carby (which can lead to performance issues – And worse on two-strokes,,,Things can go bang!)



We have a quick two part chemical de-rust that will clean and remove scale from your tank without having to use a liner. Cost is about $80.

Check out some of our recent projects and see for yourself!